Marble Artistries Ltd.

It's not a job. It's an Art.

Customer Testimonials

"All of my bathroom fixtures, baseboards and hard to reach corners were paid a great deal of attention to and all the  prep work laid down before hand put me at ease for the day ahead. Biggest pet peeve... contractors leaving their mess behind."

-Ms. Samuels, Teacher, Douglas County School District


"We just moved into a new home with marble floors and vanities, making us first time marble owners. We didn't know much about marble, so we called all the local marble places in town and let them know we wanted to restore the marble back to it's original high polish shine, which the previous owners obviously didn't tend to very well. All the guys were friendly and very knowledgable about the craft. The reason we choose Marble Artistries Ltd., is because we sensed their passion in their craft and my wife's straight to the point questions were answered with straight to the point answers. The marble looks great and the work was very detailed."

- Preston Yoke, Chef, Hotel Industry


"I called a few local companies, told them what I needed done and when I hoped to have it done. Marble Artistries Ltd., said they could beat others pricing due to their very low overhead and flexibility as well as have it all completed before the holidays. I got exactly what I was looking for at a lower price, it fit my schedule perfectly and there were no mishaps. What else could a homeowner want?"

- Heui Mattison, Owner, AAAE Financials