Marble Artistries Ltd.

It's not a job. It's an Art.

Specials for every month of the year!


We like to bring in the New Years with New Deals for our New Customers, aiming to cultivate a long term relationship, by           providing any service at 30% off, whether it's a basic "Clean and Seal" on your kitchen counters and/or a "grind and polish". Happy New Year! 

      Fire Fighter February,

acknowledges those who help keep our communities safe at very high risk. Thanks for your service. In return we would like to provide any of our services to you at 30% off.  

Marine March,

is an ode to those who put their life's on the line for the freedom of this beautiful country. Freedom is not free. Thanks. 30% off any service.

Academics April

School is almost out! Thanks for contributing your effort and concern to our loved ones and future generations. This month is for all the teachers, professors, coaches and counselors that spend so much of their time and energy educating our kids and fellow man. 30% off any service provided.

Military May,

is for the Navy and Army, can't leave anybody out, so better go ahead and include everybody in the armed services for their duties past and present, in the field or behind a desk. We would like to extend 30% off of any service. 


We are Jumpin' in June with deals as hot as the sun to celebrate the summer fun. The long winter most likely has resulted in the accumulation of dirt and grime in your floors' grout. So we are offering 30% off "Clean & Seals" and any & all grout work.


We are celebrating July and Independence Day with deals of fabrication and installation. If you don't have any natural stone then now is the time to let us get you squared away with a new install of your choice of stone and/or a whole kitchen remodel.

Air Force August,

 This being the great state of Colorado with it's many active duty airmen, and air force bases such as the Air Force Academy, we had to show them honor with a 30% off special.


Surgical September,

We are extending our 30% off special to anyone in the medical field. You're working side by side with patients with TLC trying to restore their health and we appreciate your commitment.


It's aliiiiiive! It's aliiiiiive! These scary deals that are frightening the competition are yours to take advantage of. "Grind & Polish" services will be 30% off this month!!!!! That even scares us a little bit.


Marble Artistries Ltd. appreciates the relationships it builds with you. And we try to cultivate that relationship by continuing to give you the highest quality services possible. We also want to say thanks for giving us your business, by giving you 30% off any service provided. There is no us, without you. Thank you!

Defender December,

For those whose duty it is to serve and protect and be defenders of justice. Judges, attorneys, deputies and sheriffs we honor you with 30% off any service.