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About Us

At Marble Artistries Ltd., we are focused on providing all natural stone services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Let us help you maintain your investment and keep the value of your natural stone. For us, it's not a job. It's an Art.

Licensed & Insured

Why us?

          There are 2 simple reasons that separate us from the rest. First and foremost, we take the amount of pride in our work to another level. Yes, it is business, but our work is also an extension of ourselves. It's our pride and joy to make your natural stone as beautiful as possible. We won't leave until that goal is achieved, or we won't be able to sleep that night. It's not only our reputation on the line, but our own self-satisfaction. We may be considered by some to have an obsessive like type of passion for our line of work. Like any business, we are in it to make money, but we will gladly take a loss in order to get the job done right. We would rather take a loss to keep our client happy... and sleep at night.

Secondly, since we are a very small company and we actually look forward to our work, we keep our service prices low and in some cases can work with a client if the potential for a long term relationship exist. We are not looking to make a killing off of any one job. What we want to do is keep our clients natural stone maintained and at it’s best possible condition. Therefore, keeping you talking enthusiastically, to your friends and neighbors about Marble Artistries Ltd. So we’ve abandoned the status quo and decided to set our own precedent. Lower overhead helps us do that. Lower overhead means lower prices and more attention to detail. Our clients need to feel like they are getting the best possible services for their money and we are here to ensure that.

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